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Our Company and Team

Whiz Gaming, Inc. is a leading developer and operator of interactive multiplayer games for the online Casino and Gaming industry. In addition to providing unique gaming experiences, we also develop interactive e-learning and training software for all types of games and corporate training. We use interactive video, instant tracking and feedback programs, which create challenging and exciting computer generated experiences for all users. Our dynamic, robust and interactive massive multi-player gaming, e-Learning and training software all use the latest web-based technologies for seamless viewing on all computers, tablets and mobile platforms.

Our staff of designers, programmers, game developers, IT security and multimedia experts have a combined 150 years of collective experience across innovative gaming and enterprise software development. Find out more about our team members below.


If we could talk, we would probably say something like this; Our job is never done because people always need to be loved and motivated.

Aces and Benz are responsible for making sure that all staff members and office guests are greeted with a friendly meow. The roles of our office mascots can be defined as Chief Motivating Officer (CMO) and Officer Of Adorableness (OOA). Their presence helps to bring a fun vibe to any of our discussions, petting and playing with them is a daily must for all staff and acts as an instant stress reliever as well.

Dennis Nadeau

I believe playing games can teach us about life and can be a useful educational and empowerment tool for all generations. Isn't that why most of us do what we do, we want to make a difference.

Dennis' broad background in Corporate America and Entrepreneurial business ownership started in the early 80's. Since that time he has been involved in a variety of ownership and consulting positions ranging from: Multimedia Video Production, Computer Forensics and Tracking, Game Development, Online Marketing and Direct Sales.

Mr. Nadeau's management experience includes several years mastering his involvement in the following; developing massive multi-player gaming software, Social Media games on Facebook, online customer acquisition strategies, multimedia video production and extensive knowledge about US and International online gambling laws.

Steve Karoul

VP, International Business Development
The casino business today is not about making money, it is about creating value for your customers. Create the value first and making money will be easy.

Steve Karoul, VP of International Business Development, Steve is recognized throughout the world as one of the leading Casino Marketing professionals in the gaming industry. Steve is a seasoned casino resort executive with over 35 years of hands on experience.

He has worked for Caesars World, Las Vegas Sands, Sun International, Ciragan Palace and Foxwoods Casino Resort just to mention a few. He is viewed by many industry professionals as an expert on International Business and Casino Marketing development.

He has conducted casino marketing activities in well over 100 different countries around the world. As a result, Steve understands the obvious and subtle differences needed when working with and in different cultures and ethnic environments. Steve is also an educator, a lecturer and an author, who writes for numerous casino and gaming publications. He also is a listed Casino Consultant with several top advisory groups offering advice to large Hedge Funds, Banks and Financial Institutions.


Chief Technology Officer
Engineering and building creative software solutions is exacting, difficult-demanding. Making them beautiful and user friendly is even more so. But, it can be a whole lot of fun, if you really know and love know what you are doing.

A lifetime technologist, Liam has spent most of the last decade in the real estate space, most recently as CTO of Onboard Informatics and GM of their Listings Platform. There he led the effort to develop an expert system for aggregating and processing MLS data with contextual data sets, and the subsequent invention of the Lifestyle Listings Engine and search. Before entering the Real Estate space, Liam was the Founder and Principal Architect of Comp-Elite Solutions, Inc., where he was one of the principal consultants on technology matters to such companies as Microsoft, NCCI, Burger King, Interim Healthcare, and others.


Director of Web Development
Each morning I am greeted by Aces & Benz our OOA and CMO. Our cats create a peaceful work environment and offer an amusing distraction from my programming during the day.

Virginia heads the company's Web/Graphic Design and Development, SEO and Marketing projects. She graduated from the Technical University Sofia in Bulgaria with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems and Technology and two years later earned a Master's Degree from the same institution. Virginia is a goal-oriented team leader with diverse experience and proven ability to solve mission critical problems through business process analysis and the application of innovative technologies. She develops web applications using a wide variety of web technologies, software frameworks, and design patterns.


My partnership with Whiz Gaming is something I am excited about. It's like watching your child make their first new drawing. Wow!

Mr. McKinney has over 40 years experience in a CFO position with company's such as Bonwit Teller, a division of GENESCO headquartered in New York City. Recruited by American Express Card Division, he served as Vice President of Department Store Sales and Marketing. Mr. McKinney was promoted to Senior Vice President, in charge of the American Express Card Operations Center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and subsequently left American Express to join SafeCard Services, Inc., as Executive Vice President. Mr. McKinney is a Certified Public Accountant as well as a Certified Internal Auditor.


Director of Compliance
Each day begins with the usual everyday tasks and ends with new ideas and challenges. Working here is Fun! I get here each morning looking forward to new experiences.

As the Director of Compliance, Jim wears two hats heading up the customer service department as well as accounting and compliance. Jim is a seasoned executive with over 25 years' experience in the Manufacturing, Service and Financial Services Industries. A CPA, Jim has extensive experience in startup and fast growth companies. In his spare time he regularly plays in local poker tournaments.


General Counsel
Combining my love of poker and card games, with my passion for the law is an all-in experience for me.

Robert Leff wears many hats as Whiz Gaming's General Counsel. Bob has filled a valuable niche not only because of his extensive legal and business expertise, but also because of his overall poker industry knowledge and his playing ability as a multi-table tournament specialist. He serves as the company's General Counsel and Corporate Governance Officer in addition to contributing to Whiz Gaming's e-learning and game development software.


Video Production, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation
: Creating compelling video is my passion, and I love how I can combine my passion for teaching and producing interactive video, which helps others to get better not only at gaming, but better at life.

As Director of Video Production, Luke designs, creates, renders, and provides media contents across all available platforms. As the Motion Graphics Designer and head of 3D Animation he is tasked with strategic direction and design development and technical execution. His daily assignments include a wide variety of video and online marketing projects (TV commercials, corporate presentations, short films, web animations, educational lessons, etc.) for a broad range of clientele. He also displays an exceptional sense of visual design, passion for typography and a clear interest in motion graphics and related technology. Luke earned his Bachelor of Science in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.